Our History

A family

The Cassam Chenaï family, originally from India, and in particular from the Gujrat region, settled in Madagascar five generations ago. They started their activities in postcards, textiles and finally in spices and cocoa exclusively for export. With time, as the family grew, many of them broke away from the family group to create their own business, as is the case of Shahin Cassam Chenai.

Tablets with the faces of Madagascar

At the heart of Menakao chocolates, there are women and men!

We therefore wanted to illustrate our shelves by putting forward the faces of the different ethnic groups that represent the Malagasy people, who are very little known. The Tanala, the Betsimisaraka, the Mahafaly, the Antanosy, the Bara or the Merina, all represented in their headdresses and traditional clothes.

A tribute and a desire to discover a country with multiple cultures that make the richness of Madagascar. Also a wink from the founder of Menakao, who wanted to recall four generations later the first commercial activities of the family: arriving at the beginning of the 19th century, it began in the sale of postcards. These magnificent portraits visible on our cases, painted by the late artist A. RAMIANDRASOA, illustrated postcards of the period.

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