Dark Bar 100%

Dark Bar 100%

Robust & bold

Sugar brings out a chocolate’s flavours. The absence of sugar in this bar reveals all the richness of cocoa. When it melts in your mouth, all the strength and fruitiness of the Madagascan cocoa bean is revealed at once.


The image on the bar depicts a Betsimisaraka man. The Betsimisaraka people, whose name means “many and inseparable”, are the largest group on the east coast of Madagascar. This region, which sits between Mananjary and Vohemar, is characterised by tropical rain, dense forest and lush vegetation. The joyous Betsimisaraka are known for their traditional dancing, which involves slow, rhythmic hip movements not dissimilar to those seen in Polynesia.

Energy (kcal)
Energy (kj)
635.74 kcal
2,661.72 kj
of which saturated fat
51.02 g
of which sugars
30.54 g
Protein 13.60 g
Salt 0.02 g
Daily values are based on a 2,000 kcal diet (8,360 kj). Nutritional requirements vary according to age, sex, physical activities and other factors.

Madagascan cocoa beans, pure cocoa butter

Teneur en Cacao

Cacao 100% 100%