Cocoa Madagascar is one of the most famous in the world, even if only a very small share of world production. This is the Sambirano Valley near Ambanja that comes most of this production

Cocoa is a tropical tree that can grow up to 15 meters according to the regions where it is grown. In cocoa plantations are harvested fruits, called “pods” (when they have reached their final height on trees trimmed from four to six meters). The main varieties grown are cocoa Forastero (80 to 90% of world production), Trinitario (10 to 20% of world production) and the Criollo (1-5% of the world production). The latter two varieties are grown in South America, while forasteros are mainly in West Africa. In Latin America, cocoa is grown on large plantations. In Africa, by contrast, there are more than two million small family farms nearly 16 million people dependent on cocoa cultivation. According to statistics, 95% of world production comes from a peasant family farming with a three-hectare cocoa plantation.