An original yet elegant milk chocolate, whose buttery and vanilla notes are reminiscent of the indulgent of fudge. All this is conveyed by fruity and citrus aromas which are characteristic of the Madagascan cocoa beans.

The image is a portrait of a Merina woman (“Those of the High Country”). The Merina occupy the region of Antananarivo, called Imerina. They would have reached the Highlands after they arrived in Madagascar from the 2nd century BC from Indonesia or Malaysia. It was not until later, during the reign of Andrianjaka, that Antananarivo became the capital of the kingdom. The name Imerina was first mentioned in the late 16th century by King Ralambo (1575-1610), who baptized his kingdom “Imerina Ambaniandro” (the land high under the sun).

Madagascan cocoa beans, cane sugar,whole milk powder, pure cocoa butter, emulsifier : sunflower lecithin, sea salt, Madagascan vanilla.
The product may contain traces of tree nuts and dairy.

Nutrition information / Information nutritionnelle / Nährwertangaben
Energy / Valeur énergétique / Energiewert (kcal) 601,82 kcal
Energy / Valeur énergétique / Energiewert (kj) 2519,70 kj
Fat / Lipides / Fett 43,34 g
of which saturated fat / dont gras saturé / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 12,48 g
Carbohydrates / Glucides / Kohlenhydrate 41,44 g
of which sugars / dont sucres / davon Zucker 40,00 g
Protein / Protéine / Eiweiße 11,50 g
Salt / Sel / Salz 0,21 g