Menakao, a single origin Madagascar Chocolate.

MENA means red in Malagasy.

Red like the color of our cocoa land, rich in minerals and sediment deposited by the Sambirano River. Red like the majority Criollo cocoa pods sourced from the best producers in the Sambirano Valley. Red like our chocolate, red like Madagascar, the Red Island.

KAO for cocoa.

Madagascan cocoa beans are renowned for their quality, having been granted the “Fine Cocoa” label by the ICCO (UK). Beautifully aromatic, they offer floral notes, fresh acidity and a tart finish.

The beans are produced by the best planting cooperatives in the upper and lower Sambirano Valley. MENAKAO has developed a series of specially adapted recipes using only the highest quality beans.

In order to bring out the natural flavours of the cocoa, we do not include vanilla in our dark chocolate recipes.

This range is 100% Truly Madagascar: all the ingredients come from the Island.

The faces on our bars

The men and women of Madagascar are at the heart of Menakao chocolate.
It was only natural, then, that we decided to decorate our bars not with the face of Madagascar, but with Madagascan faces.
The Tanala (forest dwellers), the Betsimisaraka, the Merina from the Antananarivo region… all represented in traditional dress.

We wanted to share our love for Madagascar by inviting you to discover its rich cultural diversity.

The pictures are also part of the Cassam Chenaï family history. Having arrived in Madagascar at the beginning of the 19th century, the family set up their first business: selling postcards. Four generations down the line, Menakao founder Shahin Cassam Chenaï decided to pay tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of his forefathers.