“Processing our beans locally generates 4 times more income for Madagascan workers.”

Our Fair Trade approach: we buy our cocoa with a higher price than the Fair Trade premium price. We have voluntarily decided not to certify because it costs a lot of money. It seems more important to invest these funds for the well-being of our employees and for concrete actions in Madagascar.

While the vast majority of Madagascan cocoa is exported, processing our beans locally generates 4 times as much income for Madagascan workers. We built a chocolate factory and hired local staff to work in a highly secure environment. All our staff are paid above minimum wage, while qualified technicians receive much more.

Each of our 50 permanent employees (and 10 temporary) provide for an average 3.5 people. We buy cocoa from around 100 farmers.

Producing in Madagascar allows us to affect the lives of the local population. The salary and advantages received by our employees is the most direct means of ensuring the survival of local communities. Producing locally generates a demand for local raw materials (electricity, water, ingredients, logistics), which in turn creates jobs and spreads wealth.

Our chocolate is organic. We only use natural ingredients. We do not use pesticides at our plantations.