Baking chocolate Dark 80%

Baking chocolate Dark 80%

Perfect for use in the kitchen.

Description Couverture pistoles 80%
Form Pistoles
Type Fine superior cocoa
Sensory characteristics Dark 80%, fruity
Origin Madagascar

Cacao content

Cacao 80%

Madagascan cocoa beans, cane sugar, pure cocoa butter, emulsifier: Sunflower lecithin.

     a) Vacuum packed
     b) Primary packaging (weight, length, width, height etc.) Plastic bag
     c) Wrapping (units by packaging, type, weight, length, width, height etc.) 2 bags x 2,5kg / carton
     d) Units on a palet (1.10cm x 1.00cm)
Allergy information The product may contain traces of tree nuts, GMO free soya, sesame and dairy.